Tinchy is battling to be Top of The Pops! Can we help him? Yes we can!

On the imac download chart, Tinchy is No 2. The single was released on Monday. At this rate, it’s not out of the Question that Jack, his business partner Archie in Takeover Ents, and Tinchy himself, of course, get a number one on the main Radio One Chart on Sunday. That’s really something, isn’t it? This is the song: PG warning: it’s sexy-rated.

[NB: something weird going on with that video – if you double-click it fast it goes straight over to you-tube. Have just complained to Jack: he tells me the record labels dis-enable in order to stop people like me blogging their copyrighted material. There’s gratitude for you.]

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6 Responses to Tinchy is battling to be Top of The Pops! Can we help him? Yes we can!

  1. chiffs says:

    Just bought it mann. I am so hip (hop)

  2. OS. says:

    The vid has been disabled. I’ve seen it though. Swiss played it on his big telly after dinner on sunday. Sam and Tom the B’stard were giggling and dancing to it. The sexy ladies did nothing to help my indigestion.

    I haven’t got a clue what the imac download chart is. Is it a sort of Alan Freeman thing?

    Hello ChiffS. Slurps. XXX


  3. calvininjax says:

    You old pop picker you, OS. 🙂

    Not ‘arf! 😉

  4. Mark Eltringham says:

    Go on Tinchy Jack and Archie!

    Jack was already impressed with 0.0025% of the contents of my iPod. One song. Now that has doubled.

  5. OS says:

    So, you’ve got an Ipod Eli. Tell the world what a MCG you are. Go on. I’ve just got a wireless and an old tv. BTW, loved your pad, Elt-on-Towers. Slick and roomy. Just the thing for the Berlin Stokies.

    Yes, go on Tinchy Jack and Archie! Which was the main point of this thread.


  6. mum says:

    Great news all the best to Jack Archie and Tinchy xxx

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