The less mentioned characteristic of Warhol

The more I see, the more I like him. Even though screen-printing lends itself to (a type of) mass production, he was still prolific: if you google images the pages go on and on, he must have been working all the time. Graft, that is the thing, that is the less mentioned characteristic. The hedonism is always talked about, the night-shifts and the day-shifts less so.

The one and only occasion I have been to Washington DC there was a show of Warhol on at the Corcoran Gallery across the road from The White House. Another attribute about his screen-prints is this: they have a surface quality that does not show in reproduction. Of course, that is true of most or even all art, but to me it seems the odd and remarkable element here, in art where practical method of work is understood to stand in a mimetic relationship to those billboards and packagings & et that are the ‘source material’ of the basic idea. I hope it all goes alright tomorrow; those US set pieces and Inaugurations are filled with portents of doom, are they not.


Jackie Triptych, 1964

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  1. Patty Gross says:

    I hope it goes well too. The most anyone has to fear during this “pricey” inauguration is frostbite. Call me old stingy, but a quarter of a billion dollars is just a bit too much for any president! No incoming president has ever spent so much, so foolishly. Babies are starving to death for Pete’s sake!! I can’t stand these pretentious, over the top events. I keep to myself and leave the tube off tomorrow. Barak, you should be ashamed, and so should any other president who would be so full of himself/herself?? as to spend so lavishly when the country is in such economic distress. Humbug!

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