Andrew Wyeth

died today, age 91. Wyeth was often referenced by Charles M. Schulz in the world’s greatest comic strip Peanuts: ‘Charlie Brown, no time for love,’ as we used to like to say to each other when we were young schoolboys in the playground. Saying that made us feel erudite, important and misunderstood all at once.

In one strip Snoopy is presented with a bill for, ‘Psychiatric help, 20 cents’ and says, ‘I refuse to sell my Andrew Wyeth.’

You can pick up this detail and much more on the Andrew Wyeth Wikipedia entry.


Public Sale, 1943

Inspired by an estate auction in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, following the death of a farmer’s wife. It records the end of a family-run farm.

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4 Responses to Andrew Wyeth

  1. Patty Gross says:

    Living in Maine, we visited the Farnsworth Museum where Wyeth’s painting could be found on exhibit. To see the brush strokes up close on Christina’s World was breathtaking…enough to make the hair on your arms perk up. He was my artist husband’s favorite artist. He certainly was an eccentric (I’m being kind) old bird.

  2. chiffs says:

    Christina’s World is one of my favourites – frightening and desolate and beautiful. East Anglia is very reminiscent of the landscapes in his paintings – although not the one featured, which clearly has something called ‘hills’.

  3. Great stuff. Like something out of a Steinbeck novel. I’ve seen places like thios on Pendle Hill. Witch country.

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    No panic for Blackburn now after the traditional Rob-Styles assisted victory.

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