Gather, gather!

this Blog would just like to say the biggest thank you of all time to everyone. Oh: who are you? Names, names come hither dammit. Well, Jemma and Emma and people like that, and the other one, all those who make all of the blogging seem possible : right down from the menialist best boy blogger to our lovely lovely *sob* director of blogging and *snuffles* our O, and I so said I wasn’t going to cry, *wipes tear* Ahhgh – how could I? I almost forgot Bertie! Dear, dear Bertie Blog, my own betrowthed. I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL! *collapses*


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3 Responses to Gather, gather!

  1. oldstokie says:

    Blimey! Am I on the right blog? Hold on….


  2. anjali says:

    but her hair and make up were very ‘directional’.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    Excellent: what does that mean?

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