In a perfect world

everything would look like this.


Edward Hopper, Gas, 1940

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7 Responses to In a perfect world

  1. oldstokie says:

    I can see what he means. Everyone would have to be a perfect driver to use his gas station. I would be afraid to touch his immaculate kerbs and I most certainly wouldn’t drive an artic through there. Perhaps there are none in his perfect world. A bit too puritan for my taste.

    M. le etc…

  2. markelt says:

    I love Hopper.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    We don’t want the likes of you coming along touching kerbs.

  4. johnny n says:

    what kind of idiot puts a petrol station in the middle of a golf course?

  5. George S says:

    Oner of Hopper’s very best. I have long loved the Pegasus image on the hanging sign, the winged horse leaping off into the sky just above the line of very dark trees. The 20C take on classical mythology. It’s commerce but it’s still romance.

  6. Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be. I like Hopper.
    As a nipper it was my job to watch that little screw thing in the glass on the shoulder of the pump spinning round when my dad filled up the old BSA at a petrol station just as strange and remote. It was up in Snowdonia before the area became a national park.

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    Excellent observation Gwilym, I remember that too, at the Mobil at the bottom of Pittshill bank.

    What was it for?

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