Comparison piece to the Kiefer

I know nothing about this artist. His name is Ram Kumar. I may write more on him tomorrow, when I know something, equally I may not. Meanwhile am going to bed to thaw out after freezing my sphericals off watching the Stoke youth team lose 4-2 in a penalty shoot out to the Norwich youth team in the FA Youth Cup down at Carrow Road in front of 817 fans. The red carpet lifestyle never stops in Foster World.



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5 Responses to Comparison piece to the Kiefer

  1. Now this I like. I could live with it. I could have it in my house. For me that’s the acid test.

    The Rovers appear to have fluked it 1-0 against the Spartans. Hardly awe inspiring. Glad I wasn’t there. In fact I don’t think I’ve been to a real live footie game since Austria trounced Wales in the Euro qualifiers about 4 years ago. Put me off for life I reckon.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Wow, that’s G Szirtes and yourself liking things two in a row.

    I’ll never fluke that again :–)

    Yes, Rovers were rubbish, I saw the 2nd half on Sky. A win’s a win though, & Big Sam will see them right in the end. D’you know his head weighs three-and-half stone?

  3. Stephen, I’ve just checked the Rovers Talk fan site where I see that he’s called Fat Sam (as opposed to your polite Big Sam) and he looks like this 😦 on the blog chat page.
    Hard to say if his head weighs 3.5 tonnes. In his photo at the Man City game 😦 looks like he’s chewing a pair of pingpong balls. On reflection I think he may just see the Rovers right in the end with a late season points flurry.

  4. anjali says:

    I haven’t seen this one before, it’s beautiful. Do they look like crows or am I just obsessed?

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    I think the first thing I saw was rusry iron & a magpie.

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