Ryan Giggs

Well over ten years ago I was sitting at Carrow Road watching Man Utd play Norwich. Giggs did something elegant and sublime and my companion, who had been educated by Jesuit priests, confessed that he felt homoerotic tendencies towards the young Welshman (I think it was the word tendencies that was used, though it may have been stirrings). I observed Giggs at close quarters yesterday; I was not educated by Jesuit priests and do not therefore carry in my body corpus all the sexually charged and suggestive baggage of the Roman Catholic (I am not automatically turned on by the sight of a crucifix), but I was nonethelsss reminded of my friend’s remark as I watched Giggs go about his business at the Britannia Stadium. He is some athlete: it is extraordinary to play for a team like Utd for 20 years. The friend is accompanying me to West Ham tomorrow (the driving mileage of the festive fixture list is taking its toll on my lower back); I wonder what he will find to admire at Upton Park.

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  1. OS. says:

    I reckon you should let your friend read the MS of TRDB, winger. I did say there was an audience ‘out there’ who would understand and appreciate it’s merits. 😉

    Right, Ryan Giggs is simply the best. ST was amazed at one point during our recent game with ‘Jammy United’. Giggs made an amazing run without the ball and ST gasped at his brilliance to read the game as he did. That run reminded me of Alan Hudson. Alan would pass the ball sometimes and he would leave you wondering how on earth he had thought of the pass. And he would do it without lifting his head. The highlight, for me, of watching ‘Jammy United’ on saturday was seeing Giggs. He is ten times the player that Ronaldo will ever be.

    M le etc…

  2. Mark Eltringham says:

    Did you see the simmering sexual tension between Fuller and Griffin come boiling to the surface then?

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