Ollie at Winterton-on-Sea


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4 Responses to Ollie at Winterton-on-Sea

  1. Geraldine says:

    That’s lovely! We hardly get any real snow any more, it’s fun to see it on a blog. It’s even snowing on Ollie! How do you do it?

  2. geraldine says:

    I started my Lurcher collection two years ago, when I was standing in for our Dog Warden and was called to pick up a stray Greyhound? needless to say he turned out to be a Saluki cross
    I have had so much happen since we have had Jasper he has changed my life got me into so much trouble even with the police.
    But in the mean time I have managed to gain Jilly Greyhound, Blue Bull Greyhound, Pippa Deerhound cross, Rawnie Saluki cross another long story?
    I read with such pleasure Walking Ollie and could relate to it, I just hope hope there will be a predecessor to Ollie you truly deserve it, and we all know there are so many Sighthounds needing loving homes.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    Thanks Geraldine, that’s very kind; the search is just about on – Dylan needs a companion, we think.

    Also, congratulations on achieving the first ‘double Geraldine on comments.’ I feel that there ought to be some sort of prize for that…

  4. geraldine says:

    I am sat on my settee with Jasper, the troublesome one a Ollie looky-likey but pale in colour, I am full of a virus thanks to my son, but Jasper is like a soul mate those Doe like eyes that look at me and melt my heart you know that look ? he wont let me get away with trying to die silently.
    These dogs are so loyal once you have won them around and there lounging around with you
    aids to healing. God Bless Ollie, He will be a hard act to follow.

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