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I just had an email from NYC, it made me think of the place; I’ve only ever been there once, for a few days, in February, in the snow, when Trezza was promoting The Hiding Place. We were put up in the Shelburne-Murray on East 37th and Lex. You could only have that address in one city in the world. You could see the Empire State building through the front window and the Chrysler through the back. Everybody looked after us and we loved it, it was like being in a film. I’m always taken with art from the American 50s, like London in the 90s it was one of the major times and places. This photograph really shows the relationship between the city and the painting.



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  1. AndyP says:

    I’ve just arrived in America. Seeing Tina for Christmas and sit waiting for my plane at Atlanta. Last two times I went via Newark so was treated to the spectacular New York skyline as we landed. I missed that this time, the approach into Atlanta was nowhere near as impressive. However I won’t miss Newark Airport which is about as pleasant as Vale Park.

    Excuse my ignorance but wasn’t the Abstract Expressionist movement (with the likes of Jackson Pollock) in New York in the 1950s? I like his work. I was introduced to it when I was into the Stone Roses in the lates 80s and John Squire’s paintings were used as record sleeves.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Yes indeed, Abstract Expressionism is ace and includes also the great Mark Rothko whose canvases are currently on display at Tate Modern: we went to a private view with tickets supplied by Bournemouth fan ‘Andy Sith’ last week, Sith and I were not all that convinced that the hang was any good (too much wall space, not enough claustrophobia). Grey-man, who had tagged along, looked aghast at this talk, and clearly took the view that both the talk and the art was tosspotish and unconvincing. I think he needs representation and to ‘be able to tell what it is’ in his art. He is not all that middle-class really, and had consumed seven pints of Guinness before we took our private viewing to prove as much.

    You’ll probably be able to watch Pulis pit his ‘wits’ against Big Sam live in a bar somewhere over there … it’s the big one now.

  3. AndyP says:

    I think we’ll be going round to Calvin’s to watch the full match highlights shown at 8pm EST on Fox Sports. I expect to be considerably poorer after the game – Calvin is instigating a swearbox!

  4. Stephen Foster says:


  5. AndyP says:

    Quite! Maybe we can donate the proceeds to Pulis’ transfer war chest.

    I’m trying a different football tonight. After a considerable mission I’ve purchased a ticket for Jacksonville Jaguars V Indianapolis Colts. Now all I have to do is get to the stadium, a tricky task if you don’t have a car. (If you do you face $25 parking fee or a cheaper $7 park and ride). However I’m heading downtown by bus, but there seems little scope for public transport to the stadium so it might be a 2 miles walk. I hope I don’t get added to the alarming Jacksonville murder statistics. I wonder if the crowd will understand when I start shouting “Del Rio Out!” (he’s the Head Coach).

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