Thank God I’m not a real teacher

End of term, I only do two days tutoring a week, but this is the spiritual condition of Trezza and I tonight (she is full-time/half time, knocking off next year, more-or-less, to finish her forthcoming novel – Hurrah).


Degas, The Absinthe Drinkers

Posed by Ellen Andrée and Marcellin Desboutin (1876)

(‘We are not fit to lick his boots,’ as we used to say, when we were art students.)

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5 Responses to Thank God I’m not a real teacher

  1. chiffs says:

    Think that’s dejected, you should see me this morning. Munch, anyone?

  2. Mark Eltringham says:

    I hope you mean Edvard Munch and not something else entirely

  3. OS says:

    *’Speaking’ from my death-bed.*

    I do like chiffS hat though. winger looks a bit pissed off. You and he should get together. 🙂

  4. Blimey, I know this. I painted a copy of this painting about 20 years ago. Took it down the pub to show it and a CAMRA drinker promptly bought it. Eighty quid. True story.
    Mine wasn’t an exact copy. It only went down as far as the woman’s shoes.

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    Nice work Gwilym! If you’d only have gone all the way you might have got the full ton for it :–)

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