Musical interlude (Pulis Out!)


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  1. OS says:

    We got what we deserved: nowt, as should any team who doesn’t turn out their strongest side to play in the quarter finals of a cup competition. Pulis did what I despise other arrogant Premiership managers of doing, being arrogant. Well done Derby and Burnley.

    A thoroughly p****d off OS. 😦

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Pulis simply does not understand nogger at all: I was listening to it on the Radio 5 and I lost count of the times the commentary team said ‘one-dimensional, ‘got any other tactics?’ and ‘my heavens that Rory lad’s going to have a bad back in a few years time.’

    They were chuckling away about the basic-ness.

  3. mum says:

    Read all the comments on the Oatcake OS and consider yours the best ! The best chance of an away win ? OMG maybe Hartlepool ! Still we are always the Stoke hopefulls lets hope Newcastle have a bad day !! xxxx

  4. John says:

    Bitterly disappointing result. I was listening to the game in my flat with the same frustration and embarrassment… But I can’t say I’m anti-TP, the guy helped us stay up and got us promoted. I also think he’s put alot of effort in to try to win over the antis… He’s not as charasmatic as Macari but he wants the best for the club. Maybe he needs a good coach next to him to give him a plan B? Just some new ideas? Our game plan certainly does need refining. We do play pretty ugly football, we can’t just keep hoofing it up to Mama for the flick on- missing out central midfield! It’s a shame because the likes of Tongue, Whelan (he needs to be played in my opinion) and Lawrence are very good technical players… Less of the hoofing TP! It’s ok for the short term but we can’t establish anything long term with this style of play…

  5. calvininjax says:

    What other manager would play right-footed players on the left and left-footed players on the right?

    What other manager would spend 5.5 million on a striker and then play him deep, with the result that the poor lad still hasn’t got a goal to his name?

    What other manager would sign a full-back who three months later still hasn’t played because he is still injured?

    What other Premier League manager would have Vincent Pericard on the sub’s bench?

    What other manager would field an ultra-defensive midfield four? Three I could tolerate but the complete lack of creativity in any way, shape or form is a disgrace.

    Apart from that, Pulis is doing a splendid job. We are 14th in the Premier League.

    That sounds pretty impressive until you realize that two consecutive defeats will have us back in the relegation zone. Our results flatter to deceive.

    The one success of the season has been Abdoulaye Faye. And I bet I have spelled his name wrong. 😉

    Why can’t we field players with names like Bloor and Smith? I can spell those.

    But Radio Stoke says it is ludicrous to say “Pulis Out!” so I along with others on here have joined the “lude” set. 😉

  6. AndyP says:

    Calvin that read almost like a speech. Get Obama to deliver it and I think a few more might be persuaded 😉

    As for a musical interlude for Pulis surely this is the most appropriate tune…

  7. OS says:

    This, to me, summed up what we’re up against. Posted by ukyestony on the oatcake board. I’ve edited the bad language. 😉


    This board is just so f*****g predictable !

    we lose a relatively meaningless cup tie to poor opposition having spurned many chances – played somewhat poorly (by some accounts) and likely as not, the actions of a notoriously dodgy ref


    Whelan, Olyfinjara, Griffin, Simonsen slaughtered

    yep Id like to see more creativity and perhaps a change of tactics too but, Id also say

    to me this week is now all about saturday

    last nights gone


    and some of this negative rhetoric is pathetic chaps !

    and they deserve better !


    Do they now! I reckon a liberal dose of PHW up ’em is what they want. To describe the only meaningful trophy we have ever won as a ‘relatively meaningless cup tie’ shows to what depth some will sink their noses up Pulis’s rectum. I can smell the s**t on their noses from here!

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrr 😦


  8. Stephen Foster says:

    If PHWs start amusing threads on there now they just bin em tho OS; I have had a few gows.

    The Admin are Fascists.

  9. Mark Eltringham says:


    Did he want what’s best for the club by waging war on the owners a few years back?

    No, he’s a wanker who’s done extremely well as a manager for the past three years.

  10. Stephen Foster says:


  11. John says:

    Fair enough Mark. That’s a point I can’t and won’t dispute. I know he’s not popular and that he inspires alot of anger in proper Stoke fans who really care about the club, such as yourself. And I’m not a massive fan of him myself, not at all in fact. I’m not a blind pro-Puliser (I’m just pro-Stoke in fact), I love my football and know when I’m seeing garbage. Unfortunately, under Pulis that’s what we play.

    BUT I love our club and I find it hard to be really negative about the guy AND support the team when they run out on matchday… I feel pretty torn because I know what I’m seeing is embarrassing but I want it to come off because i want us to succeed… Now Pulis has got us in the Prem that balancing act is even harder! I must sound pretty messed up, thanks for that Tony 😦

  12. OS says:

    “BUT I love our club and I find it hard to be really negative about the guy….”

    Thank you, John. You won’t know why but those few words have helped me put winger firmly in his place. Along with his hoppo, Philip. 😉

    BTW, you’re not messed up. A lot of us feel as you do.


  13. John says:

    Thanks OS!

    Just read your starring chapter in ‘Along Came Dylan’, I enjoyed meeting you on the page!

    I actually finished the book this weekend, a fantastic read! Really enjoyed it! Looking forward to ‘She Laughed No More’ in the autumn and more fiction from Stephen in the future. Decided to re-read Strides, TOP book!


  14. Stephen Foster says:

    Thanks for those kind words John: the best place to meet OS is on the page, where he can be edited and tidied up a bit for public consumption… ;-))

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