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Trezza’s considered interpretation of yesterday’s events

Cromwell: I’m well set up here, no way am I going to live with that Little Lord Fauntleroy posho. (Sinks teeth in.) Dylan: Just a little shake of the arse, that’s all it takes. (I wonder how long I can … Continue reading

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Long day’s journey into bite

Took Dylan over to Stoke-on Trent today to meet potential new companion, Cromwell, saved from ‘euthanasing’ at a Birmingham dog pound by ace online rescue operation greyhound gap. Jack and I met Cromwell on Boxing Day, nipping in for a … Continue reading

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Festive recipe tip # 3

We purchased boxes of syrup-soaked Indian sweets from the streets round West Ham United yesterday. And now we must atone for our greediness with this low calorie leftovers recipe all the way from Anjali in Pune/Mumbai. Pao Bhaji (sometimes spelt … Continue reading

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Santa didn’t come

for this lady. Post-match yesterday. I was looking for some possible cover images for the work in progress. This probably won’t do.

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Ryan Giggs

Well over ten years ago I was sitting at Carrow Road watching Man Utd play Norwich. Giggs did something elegant and sublime and my companion, who had been educated by Jesuit priests, confessed that he felt homoerotic tendencies towards the … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas!

Many thanks to all visitors to this blog, especially for the lovely and supportive messages over the last couple of months. I hope Santa brings you all you deserve. Sx Walking Ollie

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It’s snow joke

Q: What nationality is Santa Claus? A: North Polish Any contributions (though I doubt there’ll be one funnier than that), will be lifted to the glory of the main blog post itself! By Julie Hill What did Santa say to … Continue reading

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