A late picture

There are one or two really nice images of Ollie that artist friends of ours have done, as well as our own photographs: I’ll try to get a couple up online this week, before we move on…


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5 Responses to A late picture

  1. keith says:

    memories will always be there to savor – they are the immortal legacy of a
    true friend.

  2. Lorraine Galvin says:

    You will always have your memories of such a fantastic friend that you had in Ollie. He will always be with you forever in what ever you do.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    Thanks Lorraine, that’s true, I think; we’ll never forget him anyway, that’s for sure…

  4. Lorraine Galvin says:

    I have read your book Walking Ollie and now I am reading Along came Dylan. They are the best written books that I have read. I feel I am there with you. I think your dogs are wonderful. I feel that Ollie and Dylan are so lucky to have had such caring owners and you can feel proud that you have given Ollie the best life he could have, also still giving Dylan the best life he could have.

    Would it be ok to have your email address to keep in touch as my sister has a lurcher named Ruby. Also it would be nice to hear how Dylan is doing. Is he still up to his tricks.

    Kind Regards
    Lorraine Galvin

  5. Gisy says:

    Dear Stephen, I am so sorry to hear about Ollie. I have had dogs and cats over the past 50 years and they – naturally – have all preceded me. But once the terrible feeling of loss and the pain and misery have passed, all the wonderful memories of Ollie will come up and you may even smile again as you remember special moments. I feel with you.
    Thanks also for replying to my former mail about my cat.
    Kind regards

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