walks on water. Or rather, stands there waiting for Rory Delap to hurl him in a biscuit.


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  1. Mo Newland says:

    Hi Stephen, Trezza, Ollie, Dylan and all
    Just finished reading Along Came Dylan, only bought it yesterday, 2 for £7 at tesco! I feel you are being cheated there!
    Anyway, why I am communicating – just had to tell you how much I thoroghly enloyed both Walking Ollie and Along Came Dylan.
    Our family has been transformed by a puppy in 2005 and one would think that the same old stuff must happen to all puppy/dog owners, but not really they are all unique, as our dog has a nose for partridges – not rabbits. I can relate to what you have been through with Dylan. I can only imagine how a rescue dog has suffered. I say suffered because our pup was treated to the 5* treatment, we have few rules, but we have a fairly rigid routine and that is the grounding to a good dog. (Plus actually being there for the puppy to stop it getting into michief, replacing the table leg with one of its toys)
    Ah the walks – not at the seaside, but over open fields, ditches, wooded areas, all on our doorstep! Our lab/springer cross quickly covered a field to say hello to anyone on the other side=, stranger or not. She has slowed down a bit now – unless it is a pal – the every day dog walking hardies.
    I try to lose her now and again – but she’s a wily old bird and knows my habits, sometimes she has to double check by waiting at a junction, looking back to me as if to check which way to go.
    Looking forward to the next installment – after all dogs live to be quite old and you’ll gather some more tales which will need to be shared!
    Best Wishes
    ps My father moved in with us and is a retired Phillip! (retired due to ill health – now operates by phone instead of the pub and bookies)

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