The Mighty Potters

Out of the relegation zone. Sick it up your bollix, Mr Keane, or some other evocative demotic expression of your own choice.

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4 Responses to The Mighty Potters

  1. AndyP says:

    It wasn’t a particularly enjoyable night but the 3 points and resulting climb out of the relegation places were very welcome. Both my Sunderland colleagues and I who went to the game agree it was not one for the purists!

  2. AndyP says:

    Was your twin brother referee for the game by the way? 😉 Here’s a picture of Chris Foy telling the Sunderland defence what to expect…

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    No, this is him:

  4. Stan and Will says:

    After a marathon 13hr sleep Stan and Will awake dissapointed. In the dream, it had been different. At Wembley it had been BCFC who cheated 1-0, then lost 3-0 to Chelsea at The Gate but who cared.
    This dream had smiling folk ….. in betting shops, butchers, bakers, there were winning yankies, turkey tit-bits, fudge slices, pats and tickles, …. Lobster bisque all round ….. it was the dear little Wymondham allllllll abound.
    Dem. No pert breasted crumpet to bring RP, kipper and marmalade. Cold rain, ears and eyes have have Obamaaaa and Naughty Russ & Ross, deposit schemes, mortgages, library fines, …. shame.
    Tonight. Recorder has a early BD pressie for Will. One of the chapters reads Yorkie bars being sustituted for Delap throws.
    Lordy. LIFE. Aallive. Marvellous.

    Ah…. and ps.
    The 25-year-old, Yiannis Koskiniatis, jumped off a 12-metre cliff after being omitted from Greek’s third division Diagoras Rhodes’s squad to face the national champions in a fourth round match.
    Police said the midfielder had left a note at the top of the cliff that read: “Being left out of the squad was a great injustice. I cannot take it any more.”

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