we have lift off.

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3 Responses to Houston

  1. Jane says:

    Dear Ollie,

    I have been reading your “story” for the past few days. It was delightful. I wanted it to continue.
    I know you may not be able to read “english” but I would like to say –
    how brave you became, what courage you had which prevailed, what loyalty and love you discovered along your journey.
    Are you still best friends with Miller?
    Did you ever catch up again with Martin?
    Stephan – I loved your story. I loved your writing and yes, we have two rescued dogs. Buster has been with us for nearly 11 years now. He is –
    still frightened of eating his dinner, spends most of his days hiding under the chest of drawers in our room, shakes in terror when he sees his shadow.
    But, can sing “happy birthday including hip hip horray” whilst demanding to be held in my arms but as soon as he stops singing demands to be let off and starts to shake if I try to keep on holding him…………………………………….
    Need I go on…….it would take multiple chapters.
    Thank you for your book.
    Thank you for loving Ollie.
    It was pure joy to read.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Thanks Jane , that is really very kind to take the time to say all that.

    We saw Miller only this morning, he is as well behaved as ever :–)

    Martin we never saw again…

    Say Hi to Buster, he sounds as though he has found the right person to look after him all right…

    Good luck & best wishes, Stephen

  3. jane says:

    Stephan,  Thank you for your response to my response!  It was just lovely. But, would you mind deleting my surname from the blog or the entire response.Thank you

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