Today’s Letter is C and the Word is


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8 Responses to Today’s Letter is C and the Word is

  1. Nellie the greyhound likes things that go crunch : Like cats, phantom squirrels, pizza……..
    She loves Ollie ……. she likes the strong type..means it doesnt wake her from her sleep !
    Please read all about her……

  2. CRUNCH…Nellie the greyhound likes things that go crunch like next doors cat…pizza…. doesnt under stand about the credit crunch…only peanut butter crunch…please read about her life

  3. OS. says:

    Simone. Well, if you insist. I did, and enjoyed the experience. 😉

    Oi, winger, Boy, I hope you’ve got all your savings in a unuch’s truss and not shares in Iceland. I wonder if Magnus and Gunnar are sleeping much these days. Perhaps they paid Bossie out in Icelandic green-shield stamps. They would probably be more valuable. 🙂

    M. le etc…

  4. calvininjax says:

    Magnus has probably gone back to catching cod and Gunnar is selling fruit and veg at Reykjavík

    “Oranges! Get your luvverly oranges! Ten for a krona!”

    “Yes, we have no bananas, we have no bananas today.”

    [Exits, stage left]

  5. OS. says:

    They aint got no money to import bananas, Calvin. Gunnar will be well on his arse by now. Shame, I liked the guy. Magnus will be ok with the cod unless the Spanish have exceeded their quota…again! I reckon the gunboats will be out in force soon. I hope so. I liked Magnus. He insisted on Bossie taking over. 🙂


  6. Stephen Foster says:

    I wonder what they’ve got Bjarni doing?

  7. O.S thanks for the kind words.. I am sorry Stephen….I did not mean to hi-jack the page, I was being an eejit and not realsing I had sent so many……( i just thought it hadnt gone through) sorry x x

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