Johan Boskamp

Boskamp was Stoke’s manager for a season a couple of years ago, an iterregnum between two bouts of Tony Pulis. Here is an extract on him from the current work-in-progress.

For all his flakiness, I never heard Boskamp barracked, though home attendances dipped slightly: some were too disgusted and embarrassed to set eyes on him as he sulked in the dugout. That was their decision, though they missed certain highlights, like the time he nodded off for ten minutes during a second half. That is the sort of thing from which I derive pleasure, because for a great deal of the time Championship football, as the old second division has come to be called, is neither very accomplished nor particularly riveting. The principal characteristic of the game as played at that level is functionality. Managers who fall out with people and who fall asleep in dugouts at least provide a distraction, of a sort, from that. My admiration for Boskamp was based on his not being a dullard: life is tedious enough without football mangers joining in. I reviled Pulis for being the temperamental opposite of Boskamp. The last thing you want as you approach your weekly live fix is the knowledge, the foregone conclusion, that the match will turn out to be completely predictable because your manager only does the one same thing week after grinding week, month by dismal month.

The Boss

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17 Responses to Johan Boskamp

  1. OS says:

    You’re getting stuff on a plate this season, winger. It’s all looking good for ASLNM. Pity: I was enjoying the prayer mat.

    That picture speaks more than a thousand words. It touches the heart strings. Despite his shortcoming, how anyone can not like the rogue is beyond my ken. I would have him back tomorrow and happily sink back to the depths of the Championship with him. I just know it would be more fun than struggling aimlessly, defensively, through this campaign. Only the company keeps me sane. 😉

    M. le etc…

  2. AndyP says:

    Good picture, but not very good quality. Would you like to use one from my collection? You have my permission. 😉

  3. Mark Eltringham says:

    Well I like him because he looks like Obelix. Oh and he’s not Tony Pulis.

    One of the most amazzing things about the Oafcake at the moment is the number of people apparently waking up to the fact that Pulis only has one plan and if that fails it’s obviously because we’re not doing enough of it.

    We’re as good as down, Pulis won’t get sacked, we’ll finish 8th next year in the Championship and he won’t get sacked then either.

  4. OS. says:

    “We’re as good as down,…”

    Wipe you mouth, Eli, and say three Hail Marys. How dare you utter such trechery! Doncha know he got us into The Prem in the first place. That’s all that matters.

    R.E. xXx

  5. AndyP says:

    Basically I like Boskamp because he’s an entertainer. Whether it be the side he sends out on the pitch, the radio interview, or in person you never know what will happen, but you know it won’t be dull. He is remarkably approachable and you know time in his company would be a good laugh.

    For those who follow Stoke by Teletext a scoreline says little about the game. Boskamp’s first game in charge, the exciting 0-0 draw against Sheffield Wednesday will live long in the memory. Reduced to 10 men after 15 minutes Stoke still took it the opposition, and deserved a win. To see a centre half dance up the pitch skinning a full back and being tripped to earn a penalty was a joy to behold. Shame the spot kick was taken by a “little bit of Pulis quality” or we might have won the game.

    “The last thing you want as you approach your weekly live fix is the knowledge, the foregone conclusion, that the match will turn out to be completely predictable because your manager only does the one same thing week after grinding week, month by dismal month”. Absolutely spot on sir! Pulis in that spell came close to ending my love affair with Stoke. Boskamp rekindled it and made me want to go again. Simple as. All hail Jovial Johan.

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    We bow down before him, and are cast in an almighty shadow.

  7. calvininjax says:

    A flamboyant larger-than-life character, no pun intended, in a world where such characters are getting fewer and fewer.

    We will never know what the Boskamp/Taggart partnership would have yielded but I would rather they were at the helm now, with their squad of players, than the stupid c**t who is in charge now.

    Oops. The C-word is the thread above. 😉

    Pulis is killing Stoke City. Promotion was but a short remission. As Mark says, he will never be sacked and we will go from one mediocre season to the next, in the Championship.

    And AndyP is right, too. I have never felt so unenthusiastic about supporting Stoke City than I do this season. We have waited 23 years but the knowledge that Pulis will take us straight down again has spoiled the fun. Hull’s progress also removes the excuse that Stoke are an unfashionable club in the wrong part of the country, so it is impossible to attract players.

    I suggest he looks at a map and sees how close the Man Utd villages of Alderley Edge and Prestbury are to Stoke-on-Trent.

    The reason good attacking players won’t sign for him is because of his approach to the game. Kitson has found that out to his cost.

    Pulis Out!!!! Now, while there is still time.

  8. Stephen Foster says:

    C’mon boys, quit pussy-footing around, say what you think!

  9. OS says:

    Oi, wingo, have you got the anti-stalker filter on? 😉


  10. SheikhMoMo says:

    What a shameful conclave of c***s residing on this blog. You should have your season tickets confiscated and rammed up your rancid Boskamp sp**k filled back passages.

    Shame on you all, you Stoke City hating Ductch fat man loving f**k pigs.

    I feel better now.

  11. Stephen Foster says:

    I’ve had to slightly edit your language there Momo, as this is a family-blog, but I think you’ll agree that the basic thrust of your communication remains intact, and that this blog is democratic and prepared to allow loony voices to have their say.

  12. SheikhMoMo says:

    It;s fairly evident you have a ‘loonies welcome’ policy if this particular blog is anything to go by winger.

  13. Stephen Foster says:

    Click the Stoke City tag and see the Villa entry Momo.

    I can’t believe what I’ve written on there; I must of* had my body snatched.

  14. SheikhMoMo says:

    I agree with every word with that so it must be right!

    Let Boskmap go. It wasn’t a golden era, he was half comic genius, half utter tool and 100% an average manager.

  15. OS says:

    “Let Boskmap [sic] go. It wasn’t a golden era, he was half comic genius, half utter tool and 100% an average manager.”

    He was never average. Just as Pulis isn’t. Opposite ends of the spectrum and we have to agree to differ on which end we prefer. He was a half-comic genius though. At least we have part common bond. 😉

    “Let Boskmap [sic] go.”

    Perhaps you should tell us why we should. I still haven’t worked that one out. Are we not allowed to like or dislike someone, or are we all required to live in the world-of-Momo where the only people we are allowed to hate are Scholes, Magnus and the Icelanders?

    You know we like you. You’ve entertained us in the bars of Monaco, Nice, Brussels and Berlin. Now be nice to us and PLEASE don’t bring mumf with you. This is our refuge from the BNP, racists, homophobics, and those who would “Smash his face in if I caught the Turk wearing a Manure top near our ground.” You no wo I meen, Bruv.”


  16. I just updated the Kenny Dalglish biog on Wiki. I read it and felt I had to. Give a guy a fair shake I always say. If Rovers had have looked after him a bit better he’d still be there today. I think we tend to be too hard on our football managers. We should save our wrath for the politicians.

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