You have to make your own fun

We’ve been up on the beach without Ollie, since he is allowed only mild ’round the block’ work while his sprained ankle recovers. Master throwing a stick is only so much distraction; Dylan has devoted the majority of the time spent away from his brother to experimenting with his ear formations.

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5 Responses to You have to make your own fun

  1. OS says:

    I’ve read the first 50 pages of ‘Along Came Dylan’. I haven’t stopped laughing. Superb, Foster, Boy. Even better than ‘Walking Ollie’. Bring me half a dozen copies over when next you visit. [Yes, I will pay you for them.] They’ll make ideal Xmas presents for my doggie friends.


  2. Stephen Foster says:

    I’ll bring them along with your Literary Critic of the Year Award. :–)

  3. OS says:

    You’ll get my full critique when I’ve finished it. I can’t see you failing with this one, Boy. The only downside is it will be out during this bloody awful financial crisis.

    M. le etc…

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    The Knowledge is that books don’t do that badly in a recession since you can lose yourself away from it all for a few hours on the relative cheap … 2 for the price of one, or £3.79 on Amazon ;–)

  5. I love Saluki ears, they are hilarious! The straight up in the air devil horn pose is my favourite and seems to be Stella’s too, hmm.

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