It’s Only the Mickey Mouse Coupe

(which in its old guise as the League Cup is the only proper thing we’ve ever won in a hundred-and-forty years, in 1972) but SuperTone is guiding us through. First the Greatest Goalless Draw of All Time vs Liverpool (25 shots and no goals to them, 3 shots and no goals from us); now we win a penalty shoot out vs Reading. Watch out Chelski with your witless, nouveau naff vulgarity: at 3pm on Saturday you will find out what a racket genuine re-born supporters are capable of producing. Context is all; playing dismal attritional football in the Championship second Division is one thing, but in the Premiership you can do what you like: a point is a point, and they are hard to come by. I am finding it increasingly difficult to despise the gaffer.

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8 Responses to It’s Only the Mickey Mouse Coupe

  1. AndyP says:

    You might change your mind if the result at Anfield is the start of a new binary sequence in the league! 😉

    Having seen off Reading I’d be a tad amused if we got Leeds Utd away next out of the hat.

  2. anjali says:

    Interesting code. Can’t understand a word.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    ‘New season’s’ would surely mean something to you? (If only I had put it in there.)

  4. calvininjax says:

    “Greatest Goalless Draw of All Time” sounds a bit like something from the North Korean Life is Marvellous Ministry. 😉

    You know it is all going to end in tears.

  5. AndyP says:

    I think the greatest 0-0 draw of all time for me was back in the 1990s (maybe 80s) when Stoke played Tranmere Rovers at the Victoria Ground. It was an exciting end to end game with all manner of goalmouth incidents, multiple post and bar hitting, goal line scrambles etc, but it just wouldn’t go in. Stoke received a standing ovation at the end in recognition that they did all they could but it was just “one of those days”.

    There were plenty of terrible 0-0 draws, Pulis made them a speciality, but surely the Stoke v PNE one Boxing Day at the Britannia has to be a top contender for worst ever 0-0 draw. Although it is pushed all the way by a 0-0 draw midweek away at Grimsby in the mid 90s. The best bit about that game was missing the first 5 minutes and the bag of chips before it.

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    Urch, that Boxing Day one was a nadir even by his wretched binary standard.

  7. OS. says:

    Andy, that Boxing Day 0-0 draw is one of the primary reasons why I still can’t stand the bloke…even though I’m pretending that I do at the moment. It was the worst game of football I’ve ever seen…and I’ve seen a lot! Thanks for reminding me. 😉


  8. AndyP says:

    Mon plaisir Mick.

    Thankfully I didn’t join them but I believe the GoatMajor and Farsley Paddy once went to Southend v Stoke and witnessed an awful 0-0 draw. Apparently neither side managed an effort on target throughout the entire match, and Stoke didn’t manage even a shot!

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