Politically incorrect

Fat Spanish waiter, you’re just a fat Spanish waiter.

Yesterday’s excellent chant for Rafa Benitez. It’s hard not to laugh, even if you’re just a lithe English w****r like me.

Match report here.

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3 Responses to Politically incorrect

  1. O.S. says:

    That bloke does my head in, winger. I think I like Pulis more than him. Don’t forget to bring your prayer mat for saturday’s visit of Chelski. 😉

    M. le etc…

  2. Ken Stevens says:

    Found your blog by accident. Your dog thing is excellent, wished I’d kept records re the English Bull Terriers we have had. But only in this blogging whatsit recently. Wrote a book of short stories, loost me money but who cares. Good luck to you but sorry about the Stoke City connection.
    Up the Rams!
    Will be back. Love you to glance at an amateurs blog.

  3. Ken Stevens says:

    Bloody hell, no wonder I bombed. Lost, loost! Oh, well, losing it more than I thought.

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