City of Culture

you’re having a laugh, City of Culture, You’re having a laugh.

Incredibly, it’s to Manchester United fans that these lyrics are first credited. I never knew they had wit in them; I thought that was exclusive to Man City. As far as I can tell, United fans spend most of their time ringing phone-in shows and moaning. The first called to 606 is invariably from ‘lifelong Red,’ ‘Nigel from High Wycombe,’ who guess what, hasn’t been to the match, but none the less has more than a few ‘concerns.’

The City of Culture chant appears in the ‘Shall We Sing a Song For You’ list in Book of Lists, Football. As if to emphasise the validity of the United fans’ claim, the next entry is, You’ve got De Canio, We’ve got your stereos, sung by the Scouse poppets in response to West Ham’s Paulo De Canio, Paulo De Canio. According to legend, Hammers fans were the first to adapt ‘La Donne e Mobile’ from Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi as a football chant, for Di-Cani-io.

There’ll be some culture in Liverpool tomorrow, anyway, for sure, when the Mighty Potters arrive in town with our Total Football and our Delilah. Reports to follow.

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