My Brother

got married in the highlands of Scotland this weekend and made me wear a kilt. There is no Scottish blood in our family, he is simply a McUnusual and romantic person as the shot below might go some way to illustrating. He married his long term girlfriend, Sam, in the garden of a friend’s house. The friends were called Neil and Sally-Anne and the were probably the most hospitable hosts in history. The beer tent was a teepee, and the groom said during his address to the assembled that he was certain that he would be with Sam for the rest of his life; it was tears all round. The whole thing was a splendid combination of formal dress and rock festival hippiness and there was a shock announcement too, of a pregnacy, from my sister. The only thing the Do lacked was a fight, but Neil’s great mate Nigel, who came up from a secret location in the home counties to help, was an MI5 Agent and would have cut out any of that if it had started anyway. I had nothing of any note under my kilt and only a badly edited speech in my sporan.

Bumble and McMe

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7 Responses to My Brother

  1. chiffs says:

    Nothing of any note under your kilt? I beg to differ -I believe you had a pair of very cold feet under there half the time. I’m all for kilt-wearing boys, better than a hot water bottle any day.

    Aren’t they handsome, only pity is that Bumble isn’t smiling – his teeth are a rival to Goldie’s.

  2. chiffs says:

    I should say Bumble is the name of choice of Steve’s brother. According to the legend, “Sting” was already taken . . .

  3. O.S. says:

    My, they really are two handsome guys! I could fancy them myself. Love ‘Bumble’s’ hair. It speaks for itself. It’s shouting “Non-conformist” to the world. I like him without having met him. Obviously, with a misnomer like ‘Bumble’, he can fight. Well, I hope he can.

    Congratulations Bumble and Sam.


  4. bumble says:

    its like being famous!! me and me bruvver on de compooota screen .lookin well dapper in de kilts!! cheers bro,love ya.. neil and sal most chuffed,nigel in histerics im sure..muchas gracias geezer.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    Not that famous mate, only about 19 people a day look at this site and 18 of them are that loony Old Stokie [O.S.] 😉

  6. George S says:

    You both look like perfectly bona fide Scotsmen. In fact, given a bit of blue make up, Bumble could do Braveheart to perfection.

    Have you given back the kilt yet?

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