Along Comes Dylan

copies arrived in post, Ollie nodding all along the spines. They are nice.

Who needs books when there are rabbits?

Ps: good old Spurs.

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  1. O.S. says:

    Don’t forget to bring my free, signed copy of ACD along with the fully edited ms of TRDB when you come for the Chelski game.

    M. le etc…

  2. jenny says:

    Can’t wait. When is it out in the shops? I havent seen my copy of Walking Ollie for about a year now as it gets passed from one person to the next!

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    Make them all buy their own!! 😉

    October 2nd is official release date.

  4. jenny says:

    Excellent- not long now!!!

    How on earth do you change the profile picture on this thing? Iappear to be some celtic thing.

    Luke is off to his first holiday to Cornwall tomorrow. We have sort of got him trained to come back to the whistle for sausage now, but typical saluki it will only be on his terms. Hopefully no repeats of him running off like he did in Ireland

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    Let me know how you go on, i often think of taking them down there: I imagine there are a good supply of sheep to worry…

    I am no expert but I think perhaps you have to register to wordpress to update your profile…

  6. wangsbird says:

    Had a FANTASTIC weekend. Luke absolutely loved it. The weather was unbelievable which helped. The beaches are clean. Although there are alot that have a ban on between Easter & October there are loads where there isn’t a ban.

    There are also ones where they are surrounded by the cliffs so his only chance of escape was a narrow path- unlike in Ireland where it was surrounded by fields to escape into. And most people walking their dogs didnt seem to mind him bounding up to them and trying to play with their dogs (no Weimaranas hahahaha) and we got some sort of recall on the whistle with the reward of sausage.

    I’ll try and update the facebook profile if I get the chance. He’s changed so much since we got him- he is now lean and his fur is healthy and glossy (and black not brown as we first thought!)

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    Good, I hoped it would be like that: it sounds like I should be off to look up

    all best, S

  8. jenny says:

    In fact I don’t remember seeing any sheep at all. Couple of rabbits, but they were always luckily on the other side of the fence! Head to the south coast though. Helston-Penzance-Lands End. Much better beaches with long dog running stretches! 🙂

  9. jenny says:

    have just seen that Amazon & Tesco now have the book “in stock” 🙂

  10. Stephen Foster says:

    Get them orders in… 😉

  11. a.ashdown says:

    I loved reading your book along came dylan,we have had two rescue salukis for 6 years now,we have been through it all,and both my dogs cry thier eyes out after the vets aswell, non stop.Its actually comforting to know we are not the only ones who have,and still are on occasion, going through the saluki highs and lows.
    More highs these days.
    Thanks again for a lovely book!

  12. Stephen Foster says:

    Thanks Ashlie, it’s great to get feedback like this: I’m so glad you enjoyed the book.

    all best wishes & good luck with your two, Stephen

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