Memo to Spurs: Pls Lose Tonight

Otherwise we go bottom. We’re going to need more than Rory Delap’s mind-boggling long throws to stay up, but so far they’ve caused havoc to Premiership defences who have never seen the like, and our home games, where the pitch has been narrowed to help those long throws into the box, have been total Goal Explosions.

Meanwhile here is a picture of a building in Crete which I rather like, and which I mean to stand as a metaphor for the ‘reorganisation’ that is currently taking place in financial markets. Normal blogging will resume as soon as I can find an insolvency councellor to lend me a fiver for the meter.

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2 Responses to Memo to Spurs: Pls Lose Tonight

  1. calvininjax says:

    It’s Battle of Britain Day, your mind should be on nobler things such as The Few, Spitfires and our own dear RJ Mitchell.

    One of the advantages of being poor is not having to worry when the stock market crashes. 😉

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Our Houses at skool:

    Waddington 😉

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