Less lust

from less protein, as the man who walked up and down Oxford Street in a sandwich board used to shout. From the stallholder’s body language, you’d have to think that his fish is not the lustiest.

One of the things I liked best about Chania was when someone told me that they did have the smoking ban. You never would have thunk it, considering that every single person in our morning coffee salon was giving it the full Dot Cotton. You said you do have it? I asked, to make sure I hadn’t mis-heard. Yes, my informant said, But nobody cares. We could do with a bit more of that attitude here.

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One Response to Less lust

  1. AndyP says:

    There was a rather random and odd incident this morning as I walked out of the house, something you would have appreciated on several levels I think.

    I turned the key in my front door and heard the incessant distant peeping of what I thought was a car horn. Out on to the pavement I sauntered the short distance to the end of the line of terraced houses, ready to cross to the next row en route to the bus stop on the nearby main road. All the time the peeping was getting louder and closer. Just I was about to cross a surly, scruffy youth on a quadbike sped past, his hand firmly jabbing at the horn, the vehicle devoid of reg plate, the rider minus a helmet. His attention was not on the road ahead but behind at his pursuers, not the long arm of the law as I’d expected, but two dogs. He roared words of encouragement as they bid to catch up with the noisy contraption. The dogs in question looked very much like your own, one grey, but the other a mottled brown. Sleek, lean and powerful they gave determined chase. I don’t know if they were in training, being taken for very energetic “walkies”, or what, but it was a most unusual start to my day, not a normal scene for a Beeston terraced street.

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