One for her indoors

The incomparable Jeff Stelling* who may well look like he stepped straight off the set of The Great St Trinian’s Train Robbery, but who is in fact is fifty-four (tip: stick around to end of clip).

* Three times named Broadcaster of the Year by the Journalists’ Association of Great Britain, by a poll of its members.

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10 Responses to One for her indoors

  1. OS. says:

    Absolutely fabulous. Wot do you call your mushy peas, wingo? 😉

    M. le etc……..

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Petits pois à la Française.

  3. AndyP says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t include manbag wearers in that rant 😉

    He’s gone up in my estimations after seeing that. I was always sceptical about him because:
    (a) Ianrb rated him highly and (b) he once said how surprised he was that Tony Pulis was sacked at Stoke because he (Stelling) thought he (Pulis) was “doing a good job there” and to be sacked for not buying foreign players was a disgrace. I was was livid and screamed at the telly “You wouldn’t think that if you went every week and sat through that utter shit Stelling!”

  4. calvininjax says:

    Never heard of him but I have been to the Captain Cook Monument.

    Alastair Sim, now there was a football commentator. 😉

  5. chiffs says:

    I’m sorry, her indoors does not believe he’s fifty-four. I’d put him at sixty (sorry Jeff, I’m just reading your hairstyle)

    Mushy peas :- nothing without faggots

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    Alastair Sim, v good Dallas.

    * Reading your hairstyle *

    It’s semiotic decoding 24/7 round here. That’s why I have to be so wary. No Grecian 2000 for me, in any event.

  7. AndyP says:

    More Stelling and Sky Sports entertainment:

  8. Arkwright says:

    It was nice to hear that towards the end of the clip, that after all that Mr Stelling had produced as evidence that Middlesbrough is the Venice of the North, that is was still not as nice as Hartlepool.

  9. Stephen Foster says:

    Too true. Hartylepool is the Paris of Cleveland and Middlesboro is shite.

    Welcome to the world of my Blog Arwkright 🙂

  10. AndyP says:

    Apparently Middlesbrough has an Institute of Modern Art (MIMA). We may pay it a visit today before the match. Especially as it’s free entry 😉 Even more jealous Winger?!

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