drive Dylan insane. There’s a sequence involving a kite-flyer in Along Came Dylan. Here are a couple of sentences from the relevant passage:

The kite flyer turned round. ‘Sorry,’ I said, the least I could say, considering I seemed to have not one, but two, out-of-control animals with me. Certain kite flyers, I discovered here, share an attitude with surf bums. He was a young man with skuzzy facial hair, one who just shrugged and smiled as if to say: Animals, they’re far out, aren’t they, dude.

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8 Responses to Kites

  1. chiffs says:

    What I say is, if you really have to scare the animals and fishes and fly your kite, fly a kite that at least LOOKS like something.
    Even if it only looks like a kite. . .

  2. OS. says:

    I wondered where my uderpants had gotten to. They blew off my clothes line last september. At least they were clean. 😉


  3. Stephen Foster says:


  4. andy 'misses friday night football' muir says:

    have u got a kite??

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    Er, no. Are you suggesting some sort of therapy, like, if we had a kite that this might cool Dylan out?

  6. andy 'misses friday night football' muir says:


  7. Stephen Foster says:

    kite yourself, mentalist.

  8. andy 'misses friday night football' muir says:

    a kite might cool dylan out infact. yes this method may be effective, let me know how it goes. p.s im not a mentalist. thanks, andy

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