More weather

Got thrown off a horse yesterday, for the second time in a week. I could win Olympic Gold at that. Landed on my ear and left shoulder; the sun is shining, we’re off out for a jog in the dunes, see if I can’t loosen it up before tonight’s rowing. I’m too old for all this. Meanwhile, have just been editing the image browser: here’s a picture from the same sequence as the banner shot.

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4 Responses to More weather

  1. OS. says:

    “I’m too old for all this.”

    The secret of growing old successfully relies on two things: using only the best things for your smoking habit and not trying to do what the body tells you, you are too old for. You do neither. I will buy you a Zippo lighter for Xmas and for your next b’day, a handbook on the risk of damage by falling from horses. Did you know that it is one of the most dangerous sports going, and one of the most common reasons why there are so many paraplegics? ChiffS should smack your bottom and tell you to grow old gracefully. 😉


  2. Stephen Foster says:

    I’m at that difficult age: too old for all this, but too young to know the secrets of aging gracefully.

    I’m just off out to buy a 2-seater sports car (wink thing)

  3. chiffs says:

    But not too old to have his bottom smacked. He’s now gone off to row on the river. The rain is doing pirouettes, the trees are bent horizontal. This morning he went swimming in the sea while I stood on the sand and watched the twenty foot waves closing in behind him. I am (not joking) fed up with feeling terrified and wish he would take up knitting, like a normal bloke.

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    That sea was like a millpond, but I am gonna quit horse riding while I’m still in one piece & stick to the harmless business of gambling so far as my equine friends are concerned.

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