Great poles of the world # 1

This, composed of multi-coloured melamine and steel bands, is outside the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin; I’d be very surprised if anyone could improve on it, pole-wise.

My friend Johnny Neptune has said that it looks beautiful in the snow and left this pic on his comments; it’s too good to leave there where people might not see it. He is talented and sensitive, is Johnny, it would only make him cry to see his work neglected down on comments so I am bringing it up here into ‘the public domain’ as much for his sake as to give this post the vertical symmetry it previously lacked.

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7 Responses to Great poles of the world # 1

  1. Johnny Neptune says:

    it’s better covered in snow

  2. OS. says:

    Ah…the famous pole. What can one say. 🙂

    M. le etc…

  3. johnny n says:

    it looks better in the snow

    work, damn you comment.

  4. OS says:

    Two pole fetishists together. That’s unusual. I can cope with one: knowing I’m in the company of two is disturbing. Sit on my couch; both of you.

    BTW, wingo, I see on the news tonight that there’s been a tragedy at one of your favourite walking spots. Poor lad.

    M. le etc…

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    What happened OS? I saw two Coatguard vans with flashing light as I took the boys up to Winterton tonight. That’s a most unusual sight which I don’t recall ever seeing before…

  6. OS. says:

    A 16 year old lad drowned in Winterton Broad yesterday. It made the national news. ;(


  7. Stephen Foster says:

    Yes, we have caught up with it now, it is very sad. It happened in a smaller broad at the end of the walk we took with Philip, a little further over from the boat house. The boy was from the midlands, a fifteen year old. There were helicopters overhead last night, but of course we didn’t know what they were up to…

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