The Bisto Kid

Ahhh – there’s nothing quite like the whiff of dead seal…

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  1. OS. says:

    “Ahhh – there’s nothing quite like the whiff of dead seal…”

    …….or Old Stokie. 😉

    BTW, I’m back. Your hits will rise 50% now. I’m still looking at that Macke painting. I think I’ll knock a copy out. It will go well at the back of my fishtank. [On the wall of course…not in the fishtank!] Can you send me a large copy via email so I can print it out or is that too much trouble for you?

    M. le etc….

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Leave it with me, I’ll get you a poster. Might have to go to Amsterdam for it (I know a lady with a nice poster shop there) but all good things require a certain amount of sacrifice…

    Btw: was thinking today, next gayers outing needs to be France: 5 tickets outward bound, 3 return: me and Swiss Tone to drive 2CV van back – it has to happen…

  3. chiffs says:

    Don’t you mean 6 out, 4 return? (unless Gerard Depardieu is lurking in a vineyard nearby? . . .)

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    What r u on about: the original Massive is 5, less me and Swiss = 3.

  5. OS. says:

    Anthoer domestic. I luv eet. 🙂

    *Wayts for mor reeveeling detayls with bayted breth.

    Swiss Tony has just booked a visit to Disneyworld to celebrate Mrs ST’s promotion to the MGC ranks. It’s cost them seven grand so I reckon the 2CV’s will have to wait a while longer. Besides, Mr Pink has defionietley stated he wants to go to Krakow next time as well u no. Paris is provisionally booked for **2010.

    **Switches off normal impending doom mode.

    M. le etc…

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