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My Dad wants me to write on this blog but I have absolutely nothing to say. CLICK HERE or for a better blog HERE Good video:

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Or long jump, maybe

I could go in for that.

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Looking for a Personal Best

‘I can clear that.’ Dylan will be ready for 2012. If I’m entirely honest I rather miss waking up each morning and watching people do ludicrous things. The pile-up during Olympic BMXing was the best thing I’d seen for years … Continue reading

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New York City

Some crib notes for The Catcher in the Rye: Killing time before his date with Sally, Holden decides to walk from Central Park to the Museum of Natural History. Along the way, he remembers in detail his school trips to … Continue reading

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One for her indoors

The incomparable Jeff Stelling* who may well look like he stepped straight off the set of The Great St Trinian’s Train Robbery, but who is in fact is fifty-four (tip: stick around to end of clip). * Three times named … Continue reading

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Hold on

I’m coming

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Stand Down Margaret

One of the things that happens as you walk around your old world, as I do when I revisit Stoke for football matches, is that you bump into the ghosts of yourself, and sometimes you hear songs from then, floating … Continue reading

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