Holkham, north Norfolk

Out there ’til late tonight, new place for us, bit of a hike for the daily walk. Superb light, probably one of the most beautiful spots in the country. Report tomorrow, possibly.

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5 Responses to Holkham, north Norfolk

  1. Stan and Will says:

    “Exquisite eve!”
    Balls to litter louts and ruddy estate ch-eating agents!
    Well played Timmy, well played The Master Ollie, well played the naked germanaian whose bum saw wind of Chap Stan, And well played that yank whose Dylan is such a fine fox of a fella! Marvellous!
    Pasta baked, chicken breasted…. that’ll do just grand!
    Thanking you TP. XXXXquisite

  2. Stan and Will says:

    ps. bugger. reality bites and gnarls, been scratching for some kennel south of N / Carrow Rd and no such L.
    Dam with an E. Where’s Magic Johnson when you need ‘im.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    Stick with it, Team; the dream home is out there waiting. How is Stan? (It’s only just occured to me by typing this that I have some pics of a duo called Stan and Ollie! A cert for the birthday post.)

    Must report that Ollie and Dills did the square root of f-all today, massive sleepathon all round.

  4. Stan and Will says:

    Happy ruddy Birthday!
    May your right wand get a good tickling by Tresser and Team hounds. Whats the criac?
    A beachy bonanza stroll and swim with them groynes? To return to a lobster bisque a la Arvards? And that Sancere, a Macon-Luney or a Roost B and Chateaux Pavie 96?
    Twatever. Get stuck in, tis always a special day the anniversary of The self. And balls to getting older! >
    Though the outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day. Corinthians – 4, 16.
    AND, thanks to the generosity of Tresser, your particular outward man is due for an extension I gather? Whatever, it did more than a canny job at Holkam.
    Stan in splendid form. Sleeping magnificently. Took the bastard axe to The Butchers Bone all afternoon. Exhausted by the end of it. Wet wander round The UEA broad. Then news of a Nicky Maynard signing – black and can obviously run. Trusting Magic – we’ll always believe!
    Off for that champers and blonds effort tomorrow.
    Nice. And successfully will thee forget what a devil it is to not have a home!
    In touch next week.
    Look afters all Team Fosters.

  5. See the link on the left for MY Holkham picture! I was there last weekend.

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