Groyne strain

Only one person has emailed me privately to make this ‘joke.’ I’d like a bit more puntastic punning on here, pls.

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7 Responses to Groyne strain

  1. anjali says:

    ‘joke’???? at this rate you’ll be able to publish a taschen postcard book’s worth of groyne strain.

    hello clouds, hello groynes.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    What would the title of that be?


  3. markelt says:

    The other side of the groyne

    According to my rhyming dictionary what I use when in search of puntasticity, there are not many words that rhyme with groyne. So you’re stuck. The best words are useless in this context, talapoin (an African monkey), frankalmoign (legal term).

  4. OS. says:

    Eli Grumpy, you’re slippin’. How about…

    Bill Goboyne
    Who lost all his foyne
    Pieces of coyne
    When he lay doyne
    shot through his groyne
    At the Battle of the Boyne.

    Think man. It aint hard. 😉


  5. OS. says:

    Ps…winger. I like your groynes. This one reminds me of a pigeon hut I wonce built.

    M. le etc…….

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    I can’t really see a structure like that containing them OS. What was it, Ford Open prison for gaolbirds (geddit!)

  7. chiffs says:

    The wreck of the Hesperus (no, I’m referring to the groyne)

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