Welcome to my club

I’ve kept up my new rowing course and gone further by joining the Norwich Rowing Club. One of the most appealing things about it all for me is its charming antiquity. Apparently there is talk of raising funds for a new boat house and everything all modern. I hope it’s a long time coming. Trezza and Ollie and Dylan were walking along the bank when were on our outing (technical term for rowing down the river) tonight which put me off my stroke for a minute. I almost waved, but managed not to.

The Oars

The Gym Kit

The Instructions in the Gym

Inside the Boathouse

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2 Responses to Welcome to my club

  1. vickie bond says:

    Stephen, you will be in trouble for calling them oars! Blades or the other names we were instructed on that I can’t remember off hand.

    Lovely pics
    V x

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Ha – good point. I should listen better; but at least I know its called an Outing, rather than ‘going for a paddle.’ Or at least I hope it’s called that. Sx

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