My son, the mogul

Jack and his great mate and business partner Archie have had a company called The Takeover Entertainments set up for the past couple of years. They are twenty years-olds, now. They’ve worked non-stop promoting their artist Tinchy Stryder and it paid off big-style yesterday when they did a deal with Universal (Island) which will hugely increase Tinchy’s potential reach. They are good boys and we are proud of them. The only downside is I have to go out to a celebration party soon, one that starts at 11.00 pm, when I should be tucked up in bed reading. This is the new single. It was play-listed on Radio One even before they did the deal.

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6 Responses to My son, the mogul

  1. calvininjax says:

    I listened to the entire song, do I get a medal? I think those scantily clad gyrating females had something to do with me staying the course. 😉

    Seriously, it is great news for your son Jack and his mate. I like to see hard work get its just reward. Hang on, I am beginning to sound like Pulis.

    You have good reason to feel proud. Enjoy the party.

  2. OS. says:

    Jeez! This old fart feels almost paedophilic enjoying watching that! 😉

    Jack, I suppose your dad has seen better watching the porn channels in Bruxelles until 4 in the morning, but It has to be one of the sexiest things I’VE ever seen.

    Well done, Jack Boy [and Archie and Strinchy] and make sure you take The Miximator with you to the party. He amuses your pops big style.

    Was that a Stoke shirt I glimpsed? I’ll just watch it again…and again…and again to see if I’m right. 😉

    RE. xXx [NG]

  3. OS. says:

    Well, after the 15th time of looking at it, I reckon it wasn’t a Stoke shirt but it was red and white. 🙂

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    You ‘sposed to be admirin the rymin.

    Seriously though, one of the deprivations Jack and Archie have 2 put up with is casting the dancers for these videos. It’s not all Champagne and fast cars y’know.

  5. Mark Eltringham says:

    \o/ \o/

  6. diane says:

    mmmmm i see that the balance of dirty old man (against woman kind) still needs to be addressed…….nice to see the youth respecting women kind! eeerrrm not!!

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