Ollie walks Stateside / Re-blog

Okay, this might not quite work, but I don’t know how to bring the original post up to the top; in fact, I don’t think it can be done. But this post is attracting the most traffic, so let’s have another go. Thanks to all those who have taken the time to add to the original, the remarks are more than appreciated.

Walking Ollie officially walked out in the USA last week. It’s my first American publication. Exciting. I like their cover.

To alter original blog somewhat, here is a recent picture of Ollie and Dylan in action together. It was last weekend at Winterton-on-Sea, I was about twenty yards from this, so it’s cropped, but as I’ve said to the few friends I’ve sent it to on email, you could wait a hundred years and never catch that synchronicity again.

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2 Responses to Ollie walks Stateside / Re-blog

  1. Love the shot!! Got to have a high speed camera, preferably digital so you do not worry about developing costs and shoot off a lot of shots to get a great one like this!

    Can’t wait to get my copy of Walking Ollie (Stateside it is just out!)

  2. Fantastic shot of the boys in action! Really well timed.

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