Listák Könyve Futball

One of the nice things about the day job is that surprise items occasionally arrive in the post. The Book of Lists, Football was published two years ago, just before the World Cup in Germany. Really, I’d forgotten about it, but today the Hungarian edition dropped through the letterbox to remind me. I liked our original cover, but they’ve gone one better with the photo they’ve found for theirs.

Here’s one of my favourites, from the list Ten Missiles (No. 1 is a Vespa that some Inter Milan supporters managed to conceal in a parka then hurl from an upper stand).

3. An avalanche of origami
Play was temporarily held up when Brighton ‘keeper Wayne Henderson’s goal was bombarded by red and blue paper aeroplanes in a league match away to deadly rivals Crystal Palace in 2005.

There are A Dozen Harry Redknapps in there too, they’re all good. The first one is:

His Christian name was at least appropriate, given that his performances for us were worth about two-bob.

On Romanian Florin Raducioiu, for whom he paid £1.5 million in 1996

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3 Responses to Listák Könyve Futball

  1. George S says:

    Gratulálok. Végre híres leszek az anyaföldömön.

    (Congratulations. At last I will be famous in my mother country.)

  2. OS. says:

    I like the picture. 🙂

    M. le etc…

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    I have requested a few extra copies George, one has your name on it, to celebrate your big moment … (smiley face here)

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