The dressage

Am just finishing the m/s of Along Came Dylan. It’s a follow up, of course, my first, and I think they are tricky: to get it as ‘good’ as the original, this is the aim, an aim that always appears a little out of sight, like a mirage of water in the desert. To help myself out, in describing their power relationship at the end, I have been looking through the photo album. This one says it all.

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6 Responses to The dressage

  1. calvininjax says:

    Indeed it does, winger; a marvellous picture.

    I have been impressed by the photographs that regularly appear on your blog, may I inquire what camera you use? If it is only a point and shoot camera then they truly are remarkable shots.

  2. OS. says:

    Superb, winger…just superb. Yes, it says everything. There’s no doubting who the master is.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    It’s posher than that Calvin: it’s a Canon EOS 400D. One of the students who was on a writing course I was teaching last year took a lot of photos during the week then made a slideshow with his laptop at the end. They were really very good pictures so I asked him what he was using, which was this Canon. ‘Treat yourself, mate,’ he said. So I did. It was a huge upgrade from the 20 yr old Pentax, with film, that I was previously using. I love it, & actually I only use the lens it came with (18-55mm), which has a small zoom. The camera does the rest, I’ve almost always got it set on auto.

  4. Jack says:

    not a bad photo, probably above average actually – well done.

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    Thanx 4 that vaguely patronising remark there, son.

    How did it go with the corporates?

  6. The camera may be on auto but it can only do so much. The skill is in the composition, and that particular photo is excellent.

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