Rachel Whiteread, House

To continue the private view, here is the single greatest British work of art of the last 20 years. In any other country it’d be a national treasure. In east London the council insisted it was knocked it down a few months after it was made (as per ‘the agreement’). That’s councils for you. Spooky, haunted, the entombment of domestic experience, it’s a cast of one of the last of a terrace of houses that was up for demolition anyway. (You can see from the buildings in the background how it’s a good idea to knock homes down and have people live in flats instead.)

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  1. chiffs says:

    A couple of contenders;
    Richard Wilson’s ’20:50′ (although just outside your 20 year limit)
    Cornelia Parker’s ‘Cold Dark Matter’, or her ‘Edge of England’, or her ’30 Pieces of Silver’.

    “I resurrect things that have been killed off… My work is all about the potential of materials – even when it looks like they’ve lost all possibilities . . .”

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