Onerous responsibility, Sprout, & Dot Cotton

Trezza and I spent many happy, yet tortured, hours today judging an online dogshow for ace hound rescue and re-homing charity, Greyhound Gap.

You want them all to win and go a bit stir crazy by the end. This is how you wind up inventing a Category, because you are struck by a couple of animals who strongly remind you of certain humans. They are the Dogs Who Look Most Like Legendary Soap Characters:

Albert Tatlock: Half a pint of mild for Sprout when you’re ready, Betty Luv

Matilda: My Nick wouldn’t never be cought up in nuffink like that!

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2 Responses to Onerous responsibility, Sprout, & Dot Cotton

  1. anjali says:

    It’s Dot all right: the emaciated frame, the agonised blink, and the ratty fur collar’s just the final touch…

  2. You are an absolute star for judging all those entries! Not a job I would have liked to have done!

    Thank you!

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