I think I might have posted this image before, but I had it sent to me by the photographer, Gareth Evans, today. I had lost it, somehow, and wanted to drop it into the current working document for Along Came Dylan at the appropriate point in the text (concerning a day when we went to a lure coursing event, where they chase a ‘false hare’ – a collection of plastic bags attached to a line which zips away a cross a field), as follows.

…We, on the other hand, hadn’t even got an entry, and Dylan was technically disqualified because he was pure bred and not a lurcher. However, a dispensation was made which allowed them to have a fun run. Ollie went first; he chased the plastic bags three yards and then stopped. ‘Good boy,’ I said to him, ‘You were not so foolish as to be taken in by that, were you?’ He gave me the look which said: Beneath my dignity, to be honest.
Dylan went next. He flew up the field as if born to it (which of course he was) and returned some minutes later wearing an expression like the one you see on the faces of young children when they get off their first ever ride on the big dipper.

It really is a great photo. The clichéd football commentator’s expression ‘straining every sinew’ seems to be the caption to avoid.

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3 Responses to Re-blog

  1. calvininjax says:

    Splendid photo and one to be treasured. Each time I look at it, I could swear Dylan is moving.

  2. OS. says:

    Boo’iful! He’s a handsome boy is Dylan.

  3. Nicki says:

    Tis a splendid action shot! Such a beautiful hound, reminds me so much of our Teddy! Thanks for voting for him in the Gap show!!

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