What a fabulous bunch of fighters they are. I am big into them. Here is another pic from Sunday night when they did for the Czech Republic. I imagine it’s a nice peaceful evening on the Bülowsraße tonight, and in Ankora and Istanbul too.

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3 Responses to Turkey

  1. OS says:

    There’s no doubting it…the buggers, even if they are very lucky, are providing us with some super entertainment. What was it they said to us if they and Germany made it to the semi’s? “It will be war!” I think it’s best we stay at home rather than be on the Bülowsraße for that one. 😉

    I wouldn’t want to mess with that one on the right. He looks like a throw back to the Ottomans who invaded Europe in the 16th century. All he needs is a turban and a Zulfikar sword 🙂

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    He was my hero. He was smoking some exceptionally pungent grass, and was the leader in the ‘benediction of the cars.’

  3. Graham says:

    I wondered what Vanilla Ice was up to these days!

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