Top 5 smells

1. New tyres
2. The sandpaper on the side of a matchbox
3. Pipe smoke
4. Coffee
5. Old-fashioned linseed oil-based putty

I’ve just been sniffing Dylan’s cheesy feet, something I often do when he is making himself comfortable next to me on the sofa at night, stretching his legs towards my face and napping. I think this delicate, woody, vaguely young-Camembert-like aroma is going to come in with a bullet as new entry.

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5 Responses to Top 5 smells

  1. markelt says:

    Well that knocks on the head any idea your relationship with him has a sexual element

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Glad that’s cleared up any doubt there was on that, greyman. I note you’re still alive too. How far did u run?

  3. markelt says:

    About 20 yards. I walked about 45 miles.

  4. thegroundhog says:

    I have always had a strong olfactory association with football terraces – a mixture of cigarette smoke, bovril and farts. (sometimes a guest appearance by BO)

  5. George S says:

    Bacon. Fresh bread. Good perfume at close quarters or just drifting past then gone. A bonfire. A very old book, slightly damp. Babies when clean. Dunno about the putty. Love the matchbox though, and the rest. Maybe the tyres.

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