The new Wemberley

Went down there today to see Rochdale vs Stockport County in the 2nd (old 4th) division play-off, in wretched weather, in company with a 35 yr-old Dale fan called Daley who has only ever known his team in the bottom flight of football for all the years he has been alive. It is dedication to stick with that. The new Wemberley took me by surprise by being a fabulous stadium, I rather suspected with all the problems of over-time and over-budget, together with the pronouncements of the ‘preternaturally repulsive’ Alan Green, that it would be crap. I was glad I was not there to see that clown McClaren standing under a brolly being useless while his useless team lost, that’s for sure: that would have made me incandescent with rage; it is a venue built for national glory, not for arsing about in. Dale went ahead 1-0, went in at half-time 1-1, then went 3-1 down within 20 mins of the second half, then pulled one back (great strike) for 3-2 which was the final score. It is their 100th year anniversary. I was given a t-shirt to wear bearing the legend ‘We’re Living the Dream.’ It goes without saying that the dreams are few and far between for a Dale supporter. I was gutted for them and their young team of battlers, as well as for Daley, as well as for their scruffy-haired heroic ‘keeper who their owns fans praised in the happy expression, ‘Great save there, gyippo.’

Balls to football sometimes. But at least I don’t live on the North Circular Road, I thought as I drove home, the thought I always have when I drive along there. It continued to piss it down – even at double speed the wipers were struggling to shift it – which hardly helped cheer up the dilapitated and derelict ’30s housing stock which seems to line its entire length. Here’s a picture of Dylan to lift the mood of this post:

Dylan: couldn’t give a fig about football

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4 Responses to The new Wemberley

  1. OS. says:

    Hard luck, Daley. I wus rootin’ tootin’ for you. So near and yet so far…the story of my life. 😦


  2. George S says:

    New Wemberley is very good as a structure – I went to the first international there England U23 v Italy U23 (3-3). Great game, great goal by David Bentley – but the area around Wembley is earth-shatteringly dull. It’s not a place you’d want to stop at for a drink or a meal before or after. Mind you, my dad had his first ever Chinese meal there back in about 1968.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    Would it work as well if cafe society surrounded it though George: isn’t part of the charm having some skinhead top you up to park in a goods yard ‘Quick getaway, £15’ and to be fleeced for a Porkinson’s Hamburger at a salmonella van?

  4. George S says:

    Yes, I suppose you’re right. But where are all the fans going to get their lattes, frappucinos and Guardians? Are they supposed to put up with prawn sandwiches?

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