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Megan’s greyhound

Nephew Jo-jo has a younger sister, Megan. She is ten & is one of those young people who can draw brilliant sketches with a natural, confident line. Advertisements

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Pottermouth’s battlecry

Stoke City are very nearly in the Premiership, but there has been a wobble. Here is a genius phone-in from BBC Radio Stoke. The station took it on themselves to add a soundtrack and visuals and to post it onto … Continue reading

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Boy throws stick for dog

Some images require little explanation: nephew Jo-Jo is in town.

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Philip and Diddley

I mention these two in a reply to Rebecca (the Supremo of Short Books) on the rowing post. One of the nicest parts of dog walking is making friends with people you’d never otherwise meet. Philip is a good mate … Continue reading

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I frequently see people up to this when we walk down by the bank of the River Yare, and I think how much I’d like to join in. Last night I started a course to learn to do it myself. … Continue reading

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The modern world

I was in a sports shop this lunchtime. I waited for them to find the right size, meanwhile an assistant was helping out a young female. He was explaining to her the unique feature of the trainers she was trying … Continue reading

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Graham’s comment

on the aubergine post below. He has emailed me moaning about losing his right to reply. For some reason he came through the comment filter as ‘Spam.’   Thinking about it, I can see why Steve questions my gastronomic habits. … Continue reading

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