Megan’s sloughi

For reasons that are too complex to explain in brief, I spent the weekend in Belgium in the company of a crack squad of maniacs. We listened to live commentary of the Colchester game on a Secret Service laptop outside Fat Boy’s bar in the Place de Luxembourg, recruiting a number of new Belgian converts and assorted gloryhunters to the Stoke City cause as the ninety minutes went on. As the laptop battery was about to run out (before we had even made it to the mid-point of the second half), the bar owners ran an extension cable to keep it in action. As they said: this was modern technology finally put to a proper use. We were within minutes of Promotion and then Hull scored a late goal against Crystal Palace, thus keeping their own hopes of an automatic place alive, delaying naked laps of honour round the Place de Statue and Fountain, and meaning that it goes to the wire in next week’s final day Escape to Victory-type situation.

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  1. OS says:

    Ooo lah lah…use the pissoir.

    One of the ‘crack squad of maniacs’ 🙂


  2. Lisa says:

    That is a fabulous Sloughi. It always amazes me when people can use simple lines to differentiate between different sighthounds and make it work. Especially when im 34 and the artist is 10! Very talented little lady that one.

    Sorry you missed automatic premotion and still suffering from the aftermath of it blaring on the radio here at home where I seem to have been in the company of someone who would have been better in Belgium with your lot especially as I had bad flu.

    The books arrived today aswell thank you. Your a bit of a star and they are very much appreciated

    Lisa x

  3. AndyP Leeds Stokie says:

    For anyone vaguely interested or indeed even frustratedly intrigued, here is a brief rationale for the Stoke City contingent descending on Brussels… Nothing about supporting Stoke City is ever simple, hence despite being in the best league position in years the merry band of Belgium trippers all hate the current manager. He is a negative dullard, produces football too awful to watch, and is never to blame when things don’t go to plan. He looks shifty and probably is. By contrast the former manager was a large unconventional jovial Dutchman who made us laugh, tried to serve attractive fayre and was just the right side of being as mad as a balloon. He was fun. He currently manages FCV Dender on the outskirts of Brussels. Naturally we had to pay him a visit. Simple. Obvious really.

    So as well as sampling the fine ales, wines, cuisine, architecture, and general hospitality of Brussels, the crack force of maniacs watched FCV Dender win and secure another season in the Belgium top flight as guests of Mr Boskamp, meeting the great man post match and drinking in the players’ lounge. A fine time was had by all, and may I thank Mr F for his amusing contribution to the weekend. However I leave the last word to “Bossie”. When asked what he said at half-time to turn things round after a shocking display the great man replied without hesitation… “I want to kill them”! One of life’s characters and I was delighted to spend my weekend with a bunch of them. Go on Stoke, just do it!


  4. Dallas Cowboy says:

    Don’t let sheikh find out about this Web site. You would all face imprisonment in the Tower of London at the very least.

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