Royal Literary Fund

Have been working at UEA today, it’s a p/t position for the RLF. The brief is to help students across all disciplines to write better essays, but some of the creative writing students find their way onto my office too, which helps break up the theory. Today I’ve seen work including a PhD on Computer Modeling (about crowd movements in stadia), essays on Martin Luther King and film noir, and an extract from a promising novel set in Nigeria, called White Gold, as well as meeting a student with whom I spent most of the time talking about football and horses.

Staff used to be able to take dogs into their offices, but as there are signs up now requesting you not to smoke ‘near to this building’ that luxury has long gone. Hurrah! to the drones in Health & Safety. Some Snr Lecturers used to smoke a pipe while they gave you a tutorial in my day, which was only ten years ago.
Ollie would diskard the idea of going to skool anyway. Nonetheless, here is photo of him in the grounds of the campus, thinking. They haven’t banned that. Yet.

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