Pottermouth’s battlecry

Stoke City are very nearly in the Premiership, but there has been a wobble. Here is a genius phone-in from BBC Radio Stoke. The station took it on themselves to add a soundtrack and visuals and to post it onto youTube. Since this posting, we have won: if we get Promoted, it’s down to Pottermouth.

For any non-locals 😉 ‘duck’ is the form of fond address in the Potteries, as love or darling is elsewhere.

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3 Responses to Pottermouth’s battlecry

  1. thegroundhog says:

    Hi Stephen,
    I stumbled across your blog by accident, by typing in ‘Pottermouth’ to Google. It is a great poem, apart from its emotion stirring and cleverness it reminds us all of real football, I think.
    Anyway, I read your book ‘She stood there laughing’ and by pure coincidence my wife bought me your book of football lists for christmas. I was impressed. When I first browsed through ‘She stood there Laughing’ I was a bit annoyed at first, as I was in the process of doing an identical book about my team, Brighton! However, mine didn’t really have the legs and I ran out of steam a bit with it.
    I do now have a blog that details my Albion away trips as well as some obscure non-league in Staffordshire! Like you I am 200 miles away from my team’s club, but I’m in Staffordshire. Stoke have become my second club and this season I have to confess to getting more emotionally involved with them than my team. Yes, I feel dirty!
    Anyway, good to stumble across you on the interweb. Feel free to email me on dnp1972@hotmail.com

  2. kevin says:

    hi im trying find a copy of Pottermouth’s battlecry
    to send my sister via slow mail ie a letter any idea where i can download a copy thanxs if so if u can e-mail me the site

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    Kevin, if you go here: http://oatcakefanzine.proboards27.com/index.cgi?board=Potters

    you’ll see lots of pottermouth links. I think one did have it transcribed, or alternatively log-on and leave a post asking for it…

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