I frequently see people up to this when we walk down by the bank of the River Yare, and I think how much I’d like to join in.

Last night I started a course to learn to do it myself. It was like going back to school, a rather nice sense of anticipation you get from an apprehensive group. There were twelve of us, to my surprise 3:1 girls to boys. We started in skulls, which is two oars, and is quite a lot trickier than it looks. These people here are canoing, but this is the sort of early morning sight that inspired me to sign up.

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3 Responses to Rowing

  1. rebecca says:

    The pic looks great. Funny about the girl/boy ratio. I was at an all girls college and I’d say 70% of the girls spent their days skulling. I never got it. But from the pic, it looks quite tempting.
    Any luck at Newmarket?

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Haha: I have Philip of ‘Diddley* and Philip’ fame managing a twenty pound pot for me: I’ll let you know later.

    I happen to have heard he opposed the favourite in the Craven Stakes and came good on the Henry Cecil horse at least.

    Are you over for the Guineas?

  3. OS. says:

    winger into skulling! My God, is there anything this boy won’t do! OS Doffs flat cap.

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